Edward Monaghan


I remember my earlier days as an illustrator with great fondness. It all started out with my creative contortions of the umbilical cord, this couldn't last for long though and unfortunately at the height of my golden age of creativity I was shown the door of my studio and had to find myself a new media. With a spring in my crawl I took up the art of "colouring", Thomas the tank engine was my muse and together we formed a unique chemistry to be remembered for all time. From this union we composed some of the most astoundingly beautiful works of this time, such as; Choo Choo, Train, The Traina Lisa and the unforgettable, External Combustion Engine. You might wonder why these astounding crayon compositions have not seen the light of day, spiritual and intellectual marvels lost to the world. I shall close this statement with the story of how this abhorrence came to be, in the hope of imparting to the reader a small amount of wisdom. Ahem, the cat ate three packets of mentos and a bottle of diet coke and exploded over the colourings.