Chinami Narikawa


This self-portrait art piece was made to participate for a work in progress, "57 Protagonist Show" .The concept of it includes my wish to become an egg itself while cooking a fried egg, in order to know when it has been cooked in the preferable hardness, which I am not at all good at.


This drawing is one of my latest work pieces having a concept of my query about the interpretations of the world by human beings as they sympathise with weaker animals or have them with pets. Alternatively humans admire heroes and the gods. I imagined if the world's order is completely reversed, thinking about what would be the real order and who comes to the highest position. But as expressed in the drawing, in my mind, it is me that eventually take the highest position and be the protagonist of the world. The triangle in yellow is showing the hierarchy.


This is one of my latest pieces. I often get caught in my throat by the food I swallow, where my throat gets really irritated. I am sure everybody has experienced this irritation whether it was by the bread, cookies or anything. Knowing what is going through the throat, you do not actually know the shape of it, where its shape transformed to some odd forms to irritate the throat. So the concept is making the shape of it, which is purely from my imagination.


This was made at the beginning of the second year, where I listen to one of my favourite Japanese techno song while I am asleep, and assuming the images made by my brain by listening to the song as the "iTunes Visualiser". I have drawn exactly what comes out as images in my brain, which consists of the cubes of "Tetris" coming out of four brains then falling through an extremely complicated image of the world into the black hole like a waterfall.


I supposed to research one hidden history behind any news or story to make a piece. I have chosen the case happened last year in Japan by one Japanese family, where one elderly man was found as skeletonised body, which was left in the house for thirty years after he died. However, his family realised that he was dead; they did not send a death notification and hid his death to continue getting his pension. His family said that he was going to recluse himself in his room as part of his religious training to try to become the Buddha, and did not come out again. From this, I made his figure as the Buddha-like mummy with the clay, and expressed it as a puppet of his family and it was put inside the glass case. I put many other toys next to it, because I imagined that his family abandoned his corpse as if they were treating toys.